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A new customer care experience. In time for Phone (1).

A new customer care experience. In time for Phone (1).

Phone (1) was designed carefully. With passion. To give the best possible experience.

That doesn’t stop after it’s in your hands.

So we’ve completely rehauled our entire customer support service. To fully take care of your Nothing experience from the moment your device arrives.

It starts with more ways to contact us, with localised calls and live chat. More Nothing-dedicated agents around the world. A new support platform on nothing.tech. Product repair centres in Europe. Read on to learn more.


It’s easier to reach us than ever.

  • For those in the UK, EU, US, Canada, Japan and India, you can now call us using the number on the ‘Contact us’ page on nothing.tech (supports English, Hindi and Japanese).
  • We’ve added a new live chat service on the new Nothing Support Centre (supports English only for now). 
  • You can still reach us by email (supports English, Dutch, Italian, German, French, and Spanish, Hindi and Japanese).

More languages and countries to come.


We’ve focused on offering you more help, and even better quality.
  • Get the best-in-class care. We have 18 full-time dedicated Nothing agents providing email, live chat and call support. Including 5 multilingual agents. Providing support for the UK, Europe, North America and Australia. With more locations on the way.

  • Get quick fixes for your devices by certified experts. With 6 new repair centres (1 in Hong Kong, Japan and the US, and 3 in Europe).

  • Receive hands-on, local support in India at one of our 249 walk-in centres.


    The brand new Support Centre on our website is the home for all product queries and requests. 

    • Easily access all FAQs, product how-to and troubleshooting guides. 
    • New streamlined returns process, managed by yourself on the portal, with a status tracker. 
    • Request device repairs and replacements with the self-service repair forms. 
    • Give us feedback on how to better our services by clicking on ‘Did you find this helpful?’ on any page.
    • Check if your device is an authentic Nothing product, and if it’s been activated.

    Our support services will keep growing from here. Just keep giving us feedback. And we’ll keep improving.

    The Nothing Team.